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Welcome to the Knowledge Share at UP The Game

In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, the need for innovative and effective strategies is more pressing than ever. Welcome to the 'Knowledge Share' section of Up The Game, where we delve into the advanced tools and techniques designed to drive growth and revenue. We focus on automations that compound your bottom line, helping you understand the rules of the game, and when to break them​.



Dynamic Pages with HubSpot

The first stop on our knowledge sharing journey is the magic of Dynamic Pages. These are a type of webpage created based on the URL. This allows content to be tailored specifically to the viewer, improving engagement and efficiency. We provide insights into how to create a listing page that showcases links to dynamic pages and how to make the most of HubSpot's features to manage dynamic pages. Explore our book list to see dynamic pages in action and learn how to mix standard, smart, and dynamically generated content​1​.

Programmable Emails

Next, we step into the world of Programmable Emails. These are dynamic, tailored emails sent based on triggers or actions by recipients. Unlike generic email blasts, programmable emails are personalised for each recipient, using data from various sources within HubSpot. These emails improve engagement, foster improved relationships, and allow you to scale your marketing efforts without losing the personal touch. We offer a simple demo that lets you experience this technology first-hand​.

Custom Coded Actions

Our journey continues with Custom Coded Actions in workflows. With HubSpot's Operations Hub, you can extend workflow functionality within and outside of HubSpot. This allows for increased efficiency, streamlined operations, and accelerated growth. Custom Coded Actions provide limitless possibilities to verify email addresses, clone deals and line items, and even attach a quote to a deal. Explore the power of custom code to improve your marketing outcomes and data quality​.

Page Speed

Your website's speed is more than just a number. It directly influences user experience, impacting everything from bounce rates to conversion rates, and ultimately, the bottom line. By understanding the critical role of PageSpeed and harnessing the power of tools like CMS Hub, you can ensure your website performs at its best, providing an engaging, efficient experience for every visitor.

With CMS Hub, you have an ally in achieving an excellent PageSpeed score. This platform offers built-in SEO recommendations, supports SSL and CDN, and provides automatic image and JavaScript optimisation. With these features at your disposal, developers can focus on crafting remarkable website experiences, rather than getting mired in performance optimisation tasks.