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This is a dynamic page based on Custom Objects 

The goal of this page is to show some of the details collected in HubSpot's database and publicly make them visible for visitors of our demo-conference. 

This page is made as a proof-of-concept and is not ment to have an impressive SEO score or to even render properly on mobile.

As you can see it pulls in the name of the exhibitor / host and the details. In order for this page to be available, the following criteria must be met:

  • The host must have at least one location assigned.
  • The host must be associated to a closed-won deal.

As you can see, we will not only pull in and display the host details, but also of the associated location(s). And as explained on the overview page: we have the X and Y coordinate of the location, so will show a pointer on the venue floor plan to highlight the locations.

Here is the module we created:

logo Ballygowan


Ballygowan. Bottled Wild.

We are located here at H19:

conference_floorplan location pointer on map