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We bring you knowledge to help you scale better!

Our mission is not to hold your hand, but to help you understand the value of working with tactics and strategies.
Since much of our work relies on having a solid and best in class CRM that scales with us, a significant part of this website will be about HubSpot. But this is never about sharing a ready-made solution. Because every situation is different, we 'sell' a way of thinking. Creative, understanding the power of automation and tech-touch, but never loosing sight of the importance of human connections!

Now you may wonder: human touch and tech-touch: are they not opposites? The key here is balance. Humans focussing on connections with the aid of AI and automations will build and maintain more and stronger connections. Prioritise this in your company and win the game.

And if you wonder about the name of the website: describe something where both playing and winning are important. Something that is challenging, requires strategy and where thinking out of the box may be the key differentiator between you and everyone else. But there are still rules. Some that are fixed, some we think are fixed. All part of the game.


The game and the stakes

As this website is a side-project and not a source of income, we win by helping others in the most efficient way. That means spending less time on some fancy graphics, and accepting that even code shared is ment to be rewritten. And that is intentionally: Every company is different. Anyone trusting run-of-the-mill advice without filtering and customising it to their specific needs should have a sanity check. And no, we don't sell those as well.

Some of the rules we play by:

As this whole thing is a game, we need rules:

  • Build CMS theme from the ground up with pagespeed as the north star. Not using HubSpot's boilerplate, nothing.
  • As an example: our module that shows and highlights code was inspired by the manual by the awesome Jon McLaren. But to drastically reduce the impact on the loading time is rewritten from the ground up. Still: we could likely not have done this without Jon's manual.
  • Spend more time on content that is not widely available, like how to write custom code workflows. And cut on topics like the benefits of the Hubs.
  • Base everything on PLG (product lead growth). As the need evolves, so will the website. The site right now is the MVP.
  • We are open about mistakes, but do not always want to share code we believe is likely flawed.